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Hi, I’m Vyy Bui…

I’m a first year student at London College for Design & Fashion - Hanoi. Currently, I’m engaging with both Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing & Communication.

In my daily walks, I always live on my personal motto:

“Passion is not only your love for something, but it’s also a process. It’s how you work for it and improve it to be a better version of yourself.”

The global fashion industry is ever-changing today. Through a broad range of mixed media and opportunities of exploring knowledge and  liftestyles in the creative environment, The Fashion Alley is perfectly matched with a fashionaholic’s curiosity of the industry.

I'm writing to share about my fashion journey and the lifestyles for self-development routines. Maybe you’re thinking of  leaving the world behind to grow your passion pathway. Maybe you’re having a list of work to complete but you just need more inspirations.

So if you are a fashion lover, if your desire is to engage with it, what are you waiting for? Whatever brought you here, let me be your partner and we are on this together!

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