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In life, there will always be moments where you feel tired, burnt out, and unmotivated to do work. In these moments, spending time to nourish your body and mind is paramount. Not giving yourself the time you need may make you tired, disoriented, stressed and anxious.

By being healthier with your lifestyle and learning how to love being yourself physically and mentally, you can maintain a sense of ease. Today’s article will give out 5 suggestions so that you can “renew” yourself inside out, let’s read and learn!


1. Changing your appearance

Beautifying yourself is the first and most obvious step to making yourself new. Nowadays, there are many ways to improve external beauty. Your skin is one of the first things people notice about you and having glowing skin will really help your transformation shine! To achieve this, we need to remember a few basic steps: clean your face with water twice a day and use a toner, moisturizer, and exfoliator suitable for your skin type. Remember to remove makeup every night before going to bed to wake up with fresh and smooth skin!


The next thing we can do to refresh ourselves in terms of appearance is to change the way we dress. You can refer to tips to find the right style for you on the Internet, for example Tiktok page of Tikka Hoang Hien, Huyen Phuong Nguyen,... Youtube channel bestdressed, Phuong Ha, Lin Tieu,... or search on Pinterest to learn about different styles.

Last but not least, you can change up your daily hairstyle. Just go to google and search with the syntax 'Hair style suitable for + *face shape*', you can find a suitable hairstyle and can enhance your face. Moreover, if you want to be a bit more 'trendy', you can search by the syntax 'Hairstyle that suits + *face shape* + year' to find everything from the hairstyle to the color you need.

2. Limit social media consumption

In fact, numerous studies have linked technology use — including computers, cell phones, and TVs — to sleep problems and depressive symptoms. Because of that, we should set aside time each day to do something that doesn't involve looking at screens: reading, going for a walk, meditating, or anything else that interests us outside of our technological devices.

Spending a lot of time on the Internet and social media makes us vulnerable to fatigue, sleep problems, and depression. Nowadays, when surfing on social networking sites, we can easily see news and images that are negative, revealing and overly concerned with other people's private lives. The constant exposure to negative information sources will affect our psychology and thoughts every day. Furthermore, spending too much time scrolling through innocuous and negative information takes up time and space that we could otherwise devote to, for example, building relationships with relatives, friends or practicing sports to improve health. Being sedentary, immersed in social networks and not physically active is also one of the causes of obesity, which is common among young people today.


If you think that you may have issues with this, start tracking the amount of time you spend online. You can do this in your calendar, notebook, or other device, but be consistent. In addition, on smartphones today, there is an automatic screen lock mode if you have used the time limit, this helps us to ensure that our technology usage time is reasonable.


3. Reorganize your workspace and living space

Having a disorganized and messy space can make you feel uneasy and suffocated. Spending time organizing and cleaning your space and environment can bring a lot of health benefits. First, instead of being sedentary and fixating your eyes to the screen or bullet journal, cleaning gets your body moving gently, stretches your muscles and resets your mind from the stream of repetitive thoughts. Cleaning can be accompanied with music, which helps us relax our brain. Moreover, this may save us time in the future looking for stuff. Furniture rearrangement will remind us of the things we have that we have forgotten, remove unnecessary objects and arrange the logical order of furniture to suit our needs. As a result, our minds are more clear and refreshed.


4. Practice healthy habits

In addition to changes in appearance, we can renew ourselves from deep within. 'Having health is having everything, without health there is nothing!'. Practicing healthy living habits not only helps us 'refresh' ourselves, but also helps us to be healthier, from which we have more energy to discover many new interesting things in life. These habits can start from the simplest of things such as drinking water or going to bed a little sooner… to newer experiences like a regular sport or meditation. Set yourself achievable goals, like exercising 3-5 times a week. You can also invite friends to work out with you. This won’t just help making exercising more fun but it also gives you more motivation to do it in the first place! If there are days you feel unmotivated, these are the ones who will pull you up so you can go with them.

5. Make new friends and acquaintances

When feeling stressed and exhausted, we tend to isolate ourselves. However, this will make us feel lonelier and ultimately, worse. Instead of turning to isolation, we should talk about our problems and feelings with someone we trust. Going for a walk to calm down with them when our day isn’t going well is not a bad idea! If you cannot see your friends in person, try to find time to talk to them through your phone or online. There are many ways to interact without meeting face-to-face and the majority of them are free, so use them to your advantage.


In addition to cultivating old relationships, we can also find and make new friends. We can find them by joining new clubs, skills courses or simply 'a few clicks' on social networks. 'A teacher’s lessons may not be as valuable as a friend’s'. The old saying is true. Making new friends not only helps us relieve stress but also helps us to gain new knowledge in the most natural way. By communicating with many different people, we can have a multi-dimensional view of various issues in life, from subjective to objective.

‘It's always refreshing to step into another lifetime’ - Diane Lane, an excellent American actress. Well then, what are we waiting for? You can start going for these tips today! I hope you have a successful self-renewal!

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