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Book Review #1 | “The lives of 50 Fashion Legends”.

Have you ever been unconfident about your fashion knowledge? Have you ever struggled with plenty of resources on the Internet but still didn’t know where to start? Books from Fashionary are always one of my first choice when it comes to self-learning. Today, I'll go through this incredible book “The lives of 50 Fashion Legends".

Honestly, I’m not the one who have a wide range of information within the global fashion industry. My knowledge of designers, brands or the history of fashion houses is quite limited, and I was a bit on edge. However, it was not until I founded this book that I became more assured.

This visual book will take you through the life journeys of the world's greatest designers (or we may call them legends - who shaped the industry), across the decades. For instance, Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Cristóbal Balenciaga...You will have the chance to explore each of the legend's career pathways, learn how they made life decisions, adapted to trends or difficulties, and discover how the fashion industry has changed since then.

More interesting, if you are finding a motivation to follow your passion, this book collects best personal mottos of each designer. When reading the book, you are not only receiving the information, but also get the inspirations. Who knows one day a statement could change your life forever?

One more thing that I super interested in this book is the fascinating graphics. The visuals are fun, entertaining and easy to understand, texts or descriptions contain simple words that won’t bore you. Fashionary's way of providing information helps us remember quicker and the knowledge will last longer due to exitement. Sometimes, my personal graphic style is inspired a lot by Fashionary books.

Now you can see, historical information about the brands and biographies are not that complicated to learn. You are able to think or talk about it naturally as a part of your experiences. The important thing is where and how you gain the knowledge. If you are at the starting point of your passion, this book is a great choice for a great look into the industry and career decisions.

Only one thing makes me concern is that Fashionary books are quite expensive for Vietnamese students or college students in general. Now, I’m working on copywrite issues to figure out the best way to share these contents to my audiences. If possible, I’m willing to provide free e-books and PDF links. After reading this book, I feel like I can gradually fill in the knowledge gaps of the previous day and became more assured. However, I still have a lot of things to improve and please look forward to my next sharing about fashion books at The Fashion Alley!

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