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“Little by little, a little becomes a lot” is a saying that has resonated with me for a long time. Have you ever felt like everything in life has turned against you? Have you ever felt burnt out from doing everything? The answers to these questions are different for each person, but perhaps they are troubles that we face at least once in our lives.

One of the reasons for this is that you are dissatisfied with your life and lack appreciation for what you already have, including yourself. Although in the world, everyone has the right to wish for the best things to come to them, sometimes, we accidentally forget that if we don't know happiness from the smallest and simplest things, there will be no happiness big enough to satisfy us.

After all, not everything can be solved with our rational capabilities, but by simply setting yourself some “guidelines” can you improve your mental fortitude. Below are some habits that have helped me really understand that I have already achieved happiness.

1. Family comes first. Always cherish the table meals that you have with your family, the moments you share where you are simply talking and having fun. Not many people are fortunate enough to have precious family time spent.

2. You don’t need to see or speak with your friends every single day to have close and intimate relationships with them. Be there for your friend when they are struggling and make them know they are loved. If your friend is unavailable to you, do not get the idea that they are creating distance with you. They still care for you greatly.

3. On days where the sky is blue, the wind blows calmly on my back, there is even a small ray of sunshine, which is when I already feel happiness. Given the time, I would take a stroll and listen to music. Those are moments where I feel deeply relaxed.

4. Never consider homework and deadlines as burdens, but as challenges you never back down from because they help build you up. Take my word for it! At one point, the acquisition of knowledge, even knowledge you would find pointless at times, shapes you and your future. It will be useful before you even know it, and when it finally catches up to you, you would be glad to have learnt it.

5. Pay no mind to the occasional banter from your friends that may offend you (unless you are genuinely insulted). They may mean well, have it in their personalities, or simply are not articulate in their communication in the way you would like. Through understanding you can choose to let it pass, because sometimes, just having a listener is enough.

6. In romantic relationships, no matter how compatible you are with them, they are not able to meet every single one of your needs. Instead, let’s focus on the traits that you love about them as a reminder of how lucky you are to have them in your lives.

7. Sleep at the right time. Sleeping before 12am for just a couple of days has increased my joy immensely. If you are someone who isn’t used to staying up late, then you should definitely be proud of yourself! It is something I really want to make a habit of.

8. Happiness could just be reading a book, or finding out new ways of life.

9. You should try learning a new musical instrument. It may make you feel more well-rounded and complex as a person, and may bring you inner peace. Music can be medicine for your soul.

10. It usually brings me great joy when I make something with my own hands. It is relaxing and simultaneously stimulating for my creative brain. Have you ever thought about gifting these handmade crafts to other people? Who knows, it might bring them great joy as well.

11. Train yourself to be confident and independent to a certain extent. Appreciate what you have because as humans are fundamentally different in each individual, comparison is pointless.

Little by little, happiness blooms from daily life or just from our thoughts. We must avoid being dependent on others to please us, or foster negative thinking that is not true. You may already be happy but haven’t begun to see it!

What is your simple happiness? Please share them with me! Leave a comment below or contact me through:

FB: The Fashion Alley

IG: @thefashionalleyvn


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