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Having known Mai Dieu Vi for a long time, I've always admired both her creativity and success alike when she partnered with many influential figures in the fashion and entertainment industry. Coincidentally, she is also an alumni of LCDF and my current teacher.

I’ve conducted an interview with Vi to ask her questions about a career in Styling - a field that many students are interested in. Let’s find out!

1. Can you share a remarkable memory of your time in LCDF?

Before attending LCDF, I had no concept of pulling all-nighters for assignments. So, my most memorable moments were pulling 2-3 all-nighters in a row and then going to school immediately afterwards. I was nodding off to sleep on my way and I don’t even remember how I traveled back and forth.

2. What is the most rewarding thing that you’ve learnt at LCDF?

I had the opportunity to meet many teachers and friends, many of whom were nothing but kind to me.


3. What predestined you to become a stylist?

This started when I finished my third semester and an upperclassman introduced me to a stylist job for a Singapoarean jewelry business. At that time, I had no knowledge on the subject but I still wanted to try things out so I accepted the job to test my limits. At my first job, it was hard to avoid fears and doubts, so I decided to invite another classmate to work with me. My first job was truly like a dream job. The Singaporean team handled everything so all me and my classmate had to do was take photos of the outfits. I thought then that working as a stylist would be easy, and it was also extremely profitable so I continued.

4. What do you think is the most important part of becoming a stylist?

To me, it’s being hardworking, open and willing to learn.

5. Can you share some challenges you’ve faced in the industry and in working as a stylist?

Perhaps on the subject of working as a Stylist, for young people,it is a flashy job, but for parents, this is not exactly a job because it is difficult to earn a stable income. My first challenge then was to prove to my family that it was the right direction for me. The second is reputation. Styling is not only the aesthetic taste of the style-oriented person, the stylist must be very reputable with customers, partners, and brands. The longer I worked in this profession, the more I realized that I had to maintain a strong reputation.


6. Who is the most influential person in the fashion industry that inspires you?

No one really had a big influence on me. However, nature, plants and culture are always my passion and endless source of inspiration.

7. What is your favorite work motto?

“Each day, add 1% more effort.”

“If you want something, you have to work to get it.”

8. Knowing that you have collaborated with many artists and celebrities, is there any experience that has left a special mark on you? After each such project, do you try to maintain relationships with the people you have worked with?

I try not to maintain communications with certain people by making plans and talking about non-work related topics. Instead, when there’s a new project from them or me, I will take initiative to contact and meet with people. I also often maintain contact with crew members such as: photo, makeup/hair, nails, set design…

My most memorable collaborations were with Khanh Linh - co em Trendy and Milor Tran. They always agreed with my ideas and did things to a T.


9. Do you have any advice for prospective stylist students?

Just do it with all your ability and integrity.

10. Not just a stylist, you are also the founder of HAPPYLAND.HNc. Can you share some inspirations and ideas of this brand?

Happyland started out as a business selling colorful earrings, based on my personal interests and hobbies. I slowly realized that in order to gain more reach I need to go beyond personal interests.

From there, I researched the seasonal market every month and year to figure out what the customer needs, and whether I can combine their demand with my colorfulness. Only then did I create fully formed products that were meant to be sold. The time spent to research and understand a bestselling product can take up to 3 months but in return I can sell that product for 2-4 years.

11. What are your time organization strategies to manage multiple projects at a time?

I don’t need to balance everything in one day. When I’m overloaded with a task, I will set aside all the other tasks and focus on the most important one of the day.

For the rest of your tasks, don’t delay them for too long but set a time range so you can complete them. A small tip is that you should consider the second task as a stress-reliever for the first (or use it to procrastinate your bigger priority!)

Actually, if we have enough reason to like our jobs then we’ll find a way to finish them on time.

12. Can you share some future plans you currently have in mind for yourself?

I will be doing quite a bit of studying this year, specifically photography directing. Because this education is rather soon, I would consider it my most important plan.

Thank you Mai Dieu Vi for the genuine answers of your experience. Everyone is always anticipating your next artistic and fashion projects. We hope you will always succeed in whatever next step you take!

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