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Having the grace to be a judge with Ms. Hien Nhi in a design competition of high school students, I was very admired and impressed by her achievements. Especially, getting fashion scholarship is the thing that many young people worry nowadays. Let's take the interview to learn about her industry experience!

1. Can you share a little bit about your passion for fashion and how it started?

Nhi had an interest in creative fields when she was a child, whether it be fashion, music or art. Nhi’s visual world was smaller and simpler, only fixating on something beautiful and not thinking too hard about it.

2. Having known that Nhi won a 100% scholarship to a fashion university in the UK, can you share your portfolio building process as well as tips on getting a fashion scholarship?

Nhi had over a year to prepare for her portfolio. Like many others, Nhi started with researching, practicing her English and then building her portfolio (which took her 6 months just from all that refining) to do everything the university asks for. Everything that Nhi prepares she prepares in solitude because she doesn’t want to worry her parents on such a daring choice, and partly because she doesn’t want to seek out guidance counselors (as per her introversion). That was an extremely difficult time because Nhi had to fight against the stream of information without any guidance from others.

Nhi has no secrets or tips to accomplish the same she has except patience and doing more than what is expected of you. Before Nhi got her grand scholarship, she also missed her mark on several others or didn’t get the amount desired. Nothing comes easy.

3. In your opinion, what is the most important factor in a portfolio for a fashion scholarship?

Determination and character of each person are the most important factors in a fashion scholarship portfolio. However, they aren’t everything because what you also need is to effectively communicate to the reader. How can your images speak? How can your art move? How will you communicate to the people on the other side of the planet through a pdf or video file? That is what you need to figure out.

And of course, above all, is honesty.

4. What is the biggest challenge that an international fashion student faces?


5. What is your inspiration/motivation for your TikTok channel?

Dich Lep from “Tizi Dich Lep”. Nhi is not an advertiser, doesn't like social media and is also shy (contrary to what others see on TikTok) and he is a long time friend of Nhi. He is the one who suggested to Nhi the world of content creation on TikTok because he recognizes that her experience, viewpoints and character will be beneficial to the community.

Everything starts small, so Nhi never realized her simple videos could have this much of an impact. Thank you Dich.

6. In your opinion, what is a trait that a content creator should have?

Diligence, curiosity and honesty to me are important traits in any content creator. Don’t be lazy like Nhi.

7. Did you face any challenges while building your TikTok presence?

There are always times where I feel stuck and tired. Content creation isn’t easy; time, brainpower and creativity is constantly demanded. Especially on a tricky platform like TikTok, the audience always demands something entertaining and beneficial, and they require it on a daily basis.

That is why my TikTok channel isn’t as consistently updated as other popular channels even though it has a lot of potential because Nhi needs to spend time relaxing and focusing on herself.

8. How do you find ideas and inspiration while creating content?

I do about everything I see and read during the day, and my thoughts come naturally. Every day something new happens: news, movies, music you listen to, a conversation with friends,... all can be summed up with some meaningful content.

9. It is known that she used to work in Guangzhou, China. Can you share a little bit about this period?

An interesting period that left the biggest impression on Nhi indeed. Nhi has been able to broaden her horizons and work with the right industry group, right customer group with which she has experience. Guangzhou is a large and interesting city, a certain fashionista must visit at least once. Nhi's work includes researching trends, choosing materials (individually or jointly with partners), designing, building images and "curating" everything after completion, with 400-500 designs each season. I work in an open and international environment with colleagues from different countries and partners from the UK, USA and Europe.

10. Are there any lessons that left a deep impression on you while working in China?

Perhaps she learned to be calm and independent during her time in Guangzhou, Nhi guessed. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. I was in China during the Covid-19 outbreak and lasted for nearly one and a half years. I realized that living alone in a strange place, where I don't know the language, in a stressful time of the world, when work and health are both on the verge, is actually not that bad. Peace of mind is what I realized, and I'm still learning that.

11. What made you decide to go back to Vietnam?

I realized I had to return sooner or later. And I always had a hunch that I needed to do something at home, there was always something waiting.

12. How did you connect and expand your relationships in the fashion industry?

Most of the relationships Nhi had started from friendships from a young age, when I was still nobody, nothing. Over time everything grew through word of mouth. Nhi has never actively contacted or opened a connection with anyone in the industry.

Thanks to Tiktok, more people know Nhi, and Nhi also knows more people. But in the end, Nhi thinks she still likes being alone the most.

13. Who in the fashion industry has the most influence on you?


14. Your most profound quote in your work?

“Life goes on.” Both in work and in life.

15. Can you share some of your future plans?

Going to Nepal to witness the Himalayas, train for a triathlon, dating and who knows, maybe a personal brand for myself.

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