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Phan Dang Hoang - a designer whom I deeply admire, is the only fashion student that has shown in Afro Fashion Week at Milan, Italy. I have read and admired Mr. Hoang's designs a lot through famous newspapers, but I did not think that one day we would have the opportunity to participate in a fashion experience sharing session with high school students. TP.Vinh. I have learned a lot from him! Are you curious about the process of making the Quintessence Collection and his advice for young fashion enthusiasts? Let's read what he has to say!

“The Quintessence collection was inspired by Hoang's craft villages in Vietnam. Through the image of bamboo and rattan, the process of incubating silk and weaving… our designs send a message about preserving and protecting traditional beauties that are gradually being lost. In the process of making Quintessence, Hoang encountered many difficulties in terms of materials or shape handling because he made a collection inspired by Vietnam but had to find all the ingredients in Italy and France and had to find a way and how to express it in the most modern Vietnamese way.

In addition, when Hoang made the BST, Italy was under lockdown, so all the fabric stores were closed and I had to order fabric online to complete the collection. Therefore, Hoang was unable to have direct experience with the material, making the selection of materials somewhat limited.

Besides, when Hoang made the first drawings of this collection, the teacher didn't really like it and it took a lot of editing until the product was perfected and Hoang convinced the teacher and the professional council. Quintessence was selected as the top 30 best collections for the school's show "PLANET DRESSES" held in July 2021. It is my own happiness and pride to surpass hundreds of collections to perform in that show and the next show in September 2021 in AFRO FASHION WEEK under the framework of MILAN FASHION WEEK.

However, not every journey is smooth because Hoang has had to go through many challenges when alone in a foreign country, feeling tired and feeling defeated from the rigor of life. In Milan, there are many famous fashion brands, so when I came here, I felt so small in front of countless extravagant fashion products from the world's fashion capital. This makes me more pressured but also gives me more special experiences, which is the dream journey of anyone pursuing a career in fashion design.

In particular, learning fashion is extremely expensive, materials are expensive, so I had to save money to invest in the best project, and here you have to do everything by yourself with a lot of difficulties. But if you don't have enough energy and determination, Hoang thinks you can't overcome it. Hoang also wants to give advice to young people who want to study fashion abroad, they must be mentally prepared to withstand the difficulties and rigors of this easy-to-reject industry as well as the preparation, economically, to engage in this lavish "game". But Hoang firmly believes that, if you have enough passion and perseverance, luck will surely smile at you, as long as you don't give up on the path you choose.

In the near future, at the beginning of 2022, Hoang will launch the "LA PEINTURE" collection. Still inspired by the quintessence of Vietnamese culture, this collection Hoang focuses on exploiting different shapes, colors and material handling than the previous collection. Instead of presenting only one collection for graduation like many other students, Hoang will combine the two into a graduation project called Inside Vietnam. Hoang hopes that in this project is his love for Vietnam, gratitude to his loved ones in Vietnam and the responsibility of the young generation for preserving, preserving and promoting cultural beauties. the nation's tradition, a Vietnam that is traditional but very modern through the expression of fashion. With that spirit, Hoang hopes that the "La PEINTURE" collection as well as the "INSIDE VIETNAM" project will be well received and supported by everyone, as well as follow Hoang on his path to pursue professional fashion design."

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