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Known for breaking through the mould with extraordinary creations, Balenciaga is one of the dominating fashion names creating a ripple in the industry with strange releases. Established in 1914 by Italian designer Cristobal Balenciaga, the withstanding fashion brand has created a resonance not just with strange creations but also bizarre marketing strategies that have gained global reactions.



Fashion and journalism

Early 2020, Balenciaga came out with a video raising awareness on environmental conservation. What’s notable here is the imitation of an actual news channel with models posing as news reporters talking about the difficult topics of environmental conservation. The campaign's visual theme seems to tacitly criticize the clichés of politics and the media with a bizarrely satirical exaggeration of Balenciaga's surreal, fashion-neutral identity. This is probably one of the marketing ideas that are highly appreciated by experts for their unique creativity when raising the BTS promotion campaign to a new level.

The satirical reality of Paparazzi

Instead of unveiling the usual elaborate and meticulous photo shoots, Balenciaga's Spring-Summer 2018 campaign surprised fans with its realistic reinterpretations of the lives of the stars when being relentlessly stalked by paparazzi. The set of photos of this campaign appears fresh and attractive with models of all ages, skin colors wearing luxurious trendy designs, striding hastily to avoid the reporters' lenses just like celebrities do every day.



Haus of Horror

For the Spring-Summer 2019 campaign, Balenciaga teamed up with artist Yilmaz to launch a series of horror promotional videos. This unique approach to the public has always been applied by Balenciaga to social networking platforms and with this campaign, the brand has chosen to upload content to the Instagram application. In the campaign videos, Balenciaga models donned Spring-Summer 19 designs with a completely casual look. But just a few seconds later, they quickly mutated into a monstrous, terrifying form with lifeless eyes that chilled the audience's neck. It is because of the unique singularity of Balenciaga that has succeeded in attracting a lot of curiosity and attention from the public.

A unique romantic touch


Away from the bizarre fictions of the surreal world and cyberspace, the Fall-Winter 2019 advertising campaign has chosen to explore the romantic side of an ancient dreamy Paris. The campaign's photos depict young couples of all ages and skin tones, enjoying their poetic free-spirited love in oversized vibrant outfits. This is perhaps one of Balenciaga's most innocent and pure campaigns, seemingly embodying a passionate kiss dedicated to youth and eternal love.

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