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In the midst of a busy life, there must be days when you feel sad, have no motivation at all, there must be days when you feel like all your friends around have such amazing achievements, Everyone is so beautiful and radiant and then they blame themselves. But don't worry, this article will give some suggestions to help people put those negative thoughts aside.



Step 1: Learn how to accept

Let's remember that nobody is perfect. Anne Wilson Schaef - an American psychologist and feminist - once said: 'Perfectionism is self-torture of the highest degree'. Just because some body parts don't meet your standards of 'pretty' doesn't mean you're not pretty. Each person with a different appearance will create a very colorful and interesting world. Standards are made by people and you have the power to change that standard. As long as you love and be grateful for what you have, as long as you are always confident and have a positive outlook, you are already radiant.

Instead of being sad because of the unsatisfactory results of the past, we can be completely proud of the efforts, the process that we have gone through and that we have become better than yesterday. any. Instead of focusing on results that can no longer be changed, let's look at the process and use it as an experience for a future with many new and better results.

Bước 2: Viết Nhật Ký

Sometimes we are so absorbed in chasing after the glory and luxuries of others that we forget about the wonderful things we own. Happiness sometimes comes from very simple things that we inadvertently ignore. For example, happiness comes from the fact that every day we can still eat rice cooked by our mother, after a long and tiring day we have a place to return to or simply that every morning we wake up we still see the bright sun with a healthy body. There are less fortunate circumstances than just wishing for a simple life like you, have you ever thought about that? Every week (or every month) sitting back and making a list of things we are grateful for helps us live more optimistic and confident lives!


Moreover, you can completely record your good qualities and the things that you do well. From this, you can see things that you can develop more in the future. Constantly striving to be the best version of yourself is, so to speak, one of the most effective ways to show self-love. In addition, you can also jot down things that make you feel sad or angry. This helps us to recognize the source of our negative emotions, so that we can learn to avoid unwanted situations in the future. A bullet journal is also a good idea if people want to write. If you are a beginner, you can refer to Ms. Sunhyun's Youtube channel, bujo with zozo, constance goh, ... or find inspiration from Pinterest which is also very interesting.

Step 3: Practice a healthy lifestyle

We can't completely change our appearance, but we can improve it day by day. Drink a lot of water, eat a lot of vegetables, get into the habit of going to bed early to get up early, start doing a sport that you find interesting. Starting a new day with 15 minutes of meditation is also a good idea for a new day full of energy. These things not only help us to be more and more fresh, but also very good for our health.



More so, we can learn to do makeup, change a new hairstyle and learn to buy some clothes that suit our body shape. You can refer to tips to find the right style for you on Tik Tok by Ms. Tikka Hoang Hien, Huyen Phuong Nguyen,... Youtube channels bestdressed, Phuong Ha, Lin Tieu,... or search on Pinterest for so many beautiful outfit ideas. Beautifying, taking care of our appearance will make us love and appreciate ourselves more.

Step 4: Reward yourself

There are days when you have worked really well, reward yourself with lots of compliments, reward yourself with a delicious dish that you like, reward yourself with a shirt that you have hesitated to buy forever, reward yourself with a coffee with friends,...

There are days when you feel overwhelmed, there are days when you sit and run deadlines all day long without seeing any results, have no new ideas, ... don't try to force yourself, give yourself a sleep, Give yourself some time to relax, do something you enjoy.

Creating joy and motivation for ourselves is also something we should learn to live a happier life!


Step 5: Learn how to give up

“Give up” sounds sad, it sounds like separation, it seems like something none of us want, especially when it is something we hold dear. In one of her songs, Selena Gomez once wrote: 'I need to lose you to love me', she realized that she needed to give up the boy she had sacrificed, loved so much to love herself. Indeed it is, sometimes what we want is not necessarily what we need. We keep trying to please everyone, wanting to achieve things beyond our reach, wanting ourselves to be like certain ideals on the internet, wanting to hold onto things that don't belong to us about ourselves. Learning how to let go of illusory, distant things, giving up toxic relationships is an opportunity for you to rest and let your soul be at peace. Instead of trying to please everyone, let's cultivate relationships that are truly valuable to us, people who truly love and care for us. Instead of daydreaming about things that are too big and far away, set goals just now and try to accomplish them well.


Giving up... is sometimes a gateway to new opportunities.

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