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In life, there will certainly be times where we are by ourselves, with no one around us. In those moments, solitude grants us what being surrounded or accompanied cannot: facing our troubles head on.

Have you ever felt lonely in those moments?

There are people who are so afraid to feel alone that they escape into the pleasures of being in company, of new relationships to fill the void in themselves. It is to each of their own, but perhaps I cannot relate to their sentiments.

I would think of myself as a social person. I enjoy meeting groups of friends, perhaps because I am extroverted. However, I still carve out time for myself and I am happy for that. I like going to cafes to work alone, reading books; going on walks and listening to calming music; going shopping alone and feeling the satisfaction of completing a task even if I had to traverse Hanoi. I wonder if you feel the same.

I like listening and sympathizing with my friends’ stories, but often restrain myself from opening up. There are things I won’t disclose and I can live with that just fine.

Recently, I no longer complain or think and say negative words too much, because I see that every time we do that, we will unintentionally waste a part of the energy in the body. Learning to calm down and creating a space for self-reflection makes you feel calmer, and more focused on what needs to be done. Someone may ponder the question: how am I able to feel content and satisfaction when I do all those by myself?

To be honest, the majority of my life is a packed schedule, with only 25% of it carved out for “me time” (10-15% in moments of intense workload). If the situation allows it, I would like to indulge in these moments of solitude more often.

Whenever I imagine a future where I can live independently, I feel a sense of eagerness and joy. Do you know? Spending time alone does not mean you are lonely, because that is when we need the silence to listen to ourselves, take care of ourselves and build our mental fortitude.

Everyone needs some quiet time to listen to themselves, take care of themselves, and learn to be stronger. We need to create motivation and positivity in our own lives, because in reality, no one else can do it for us. There will be people who are willing to make you happy, but if you are not truly happy at heart, no one can make you happy forever, unless you do it yourself without being dependent.

My little sister is my friend, too!!

So, do think of your family and friends who are always there for you when you need help. Sometimes, that “friend” is no one other than yourself. No one can understand you better than yourself. If you ever feel lonely, embrace the feeling and it might unlock new perspectives.

This article may help those who, from time to time, may struggle with feelings of loneliness in these troubled times when we cannot leave our house and meet people. Let’s work together to get through these times in a positive and healthy way!

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