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Optimism: A word that may cause many people some confusion and deliberation. Many people may deem themselves optimistic because everyone has their own problems.

Likewise, I will never have the strength to be an optimistic person. Only recently have I begun to realize that perhaps I was confused about what defines “optimism” after all.

Someone who is always happy and cheery on the outside is not necessarily an optimistic person on the inside. Someone who is without worries or doubts, forgets easily or is not quick to be sad is not necessarily an optimistic person. Someone who is simplistic and an open book also isn’t necessarily an optimistic person.

To me, an optimistic person is one who can face their pessimistic side head on, who knows to confide in their friends when it is needed, and to let themselves live dutifully with it in a certain amount of time. At the same time, the optimistic person will learn how to always look forward or focus on self-improvement. Because when you grow as a person, the ambition you fostered within will be positive. Maybe you haven’t felt it yet, but that is one of the principles of nature and I find it to be true in many situations.

That is one of the reasons why I take in new experiences to learn with open arms. My doctrine is that even during days of sorrow and respite, I still need to do something worthwhile. Because the world rotates on its axis still, life goes on and that sorrow stays not in the center of it all.

An optimistic person will bring about a sense of discipline and goodwill to adapt to their environment. Because every stable relationship or job is based on understanding and flexibility.

If possible, we should not cast aside our problems into a corner as it will be a pessimistic hassle if they were to surface one day.

Let’s treat our own feelings with respect, but not let it consume our lives. That, to me, is optimism.

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