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Being 18 years old,

Is always full of energy and enthusiasm to explore the outside world.

It is the age of desire to experience and curiosity to be rewarded.

Like many others, I like to question the things around me and spend this precious time and energy to find out what I am really capable of. But when 18 started, all I could do was look at that world through the window of my home. As a design student, sometimes looking at those walls can kill my inspiration and curse me with boredom. Then again, surely others have gone through that too? How can I create a hub of inspiration under my own roof? Nowadays, I changed my thoughts completely. Despite only being home, the moments I have had are of extreme significance to me.

I became much closer to my family as a result. When I was carrying a heavy workload, I unknowingly created a distance between me and my loved ones. Thanks to quarantine, I have had more time to truly understand the people around me and create more laughter.

I have also gotten more in touch with my wants and needs, realizing them with crystal clarity. Maybe I was wrong when I thought that I had to go outside often to understand myself. But during this time, I have had moments of silence and tranquility, many “internalizations” and received many lessons learnt.

I love myself even more. Instead of external joys, days where I stayed behind at school, working overtime and going home exhausted,... I have learnt to take care of myself more, learn more dishes and I realized that happiness comes from those simple things.

I became more disciplined in my work and my studies. Being at home caused me to feel less productive at times. As such, I try my best to be aware of my tasks and duties by making note of them in my bullet journal. The list of work to do may get longer but I feel satisfaction after I complete something nonetheless. I can thus do work just about anywhere in my house, a small house indeed and so is my bedroom, not much to display but to me is the most beautiful and inspiring place that I need not leave.

I hope that everyone maintains a healthy, positive attitude as well as a productive way of studying and working in these times!

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