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Are you passionate about fashion but don't know where to start? Recently, I received a lot of questions about this, so this is the right article for you! Here are some sharing from my personal experience from the day I also started learning about fashion. Let's get started!



If you are interested in fashion but not sure where to start, perhaps being up to date with fashion shows from prominent brands around the world is one of the easiest ways, in my opinion. Consider this activity as a hobby and you don’t have to memorize every detail of a show. Admire the unique runway outfits in the most natural way possible, in the most casual, non-academic setting.


If you forget what you saw the next day, don’t fret. If you turn this into a habit or personal interest, then you will soon internalize the nuances of fashion through time. You will understand what makes a captivating runway show, such as music, lighting and catwalk beat… You can watch famous fashion shows on Youtube, Fashion TV or Vogue… Whether you watch domestic or international is entirely up to you, but I often watch international shows to get a more diverse and holistic view of fashion around the world.


I started properly looking into fashion 4 years ago and today, Vogue Runway is still my most used app when it comes to being up to date with trends and the newest collections around the world. On Vogue’s official website, they will update on many fashion categories around the world, not only on runways or fashion week but also industry news (on brands and famous people etc.) However, with those just starting out, the amount of information can be overwhelming and make you lose your sense of direction. Because of this, I only downloaded Vogue Runway with the aim of updating the latest or trendiest designs on the runway; through this I can formulate the distinct styles of different brands. In all fairness, runway shows are only an aspect of fashion. I used to be self conscious about not being holistic enough about the industry. Even if I frequently viewed runway photos, I still felt there was a lot to learn. After 3 years, I never regretted anything because everyone needs time to improve. There are things about fashion that we cannot fully comprehend, there are things that have to be learned at the right place and time. I don’t mean that you should halt your learning process, but don’t let yourself be overwhelmed. Everything starts from interest and passion and not compulsion.



Books are your friends, they are indispensable luggage when you want to cultivate knowledge in any field and fashion is no exception. I have spent a lot of time seeking out credible literature on the field, especially international books with in-depth knowledge that are on the pricey side. In high school, I didn’t have the funds to buy fashion books for myself. I was fortunate to have a supportive family so sometimes my parents or relatives will give me fashion books from Germany or America. My father also bought Vietnamese fashion books, so I am extremely grateful for everyone’s help. When I read, I often carry a notepad and pencil for annotating/taking notes.


To this day, I haven’t stopped finding interesting books on fashion design and marketing. I often take note of the titles I notice and when I have the opportunity, I will consider which book to buy. Now, when I go to work, I also have money to buy books by myself, though not too comfortable. But the feeling after a month of hard work, rewarding yourself with "knowledge" is really very happy.

If you can’t afford books, you can find free online PDFs though not everything is on digital archive. Buying used books is a way to save money. I often buy books from Tiệm Sách Artbook, Artbook house,, Artbook Hà Nội, etc. You should also look out for Fashionary books; they have excellent quality images, are easy to understand and logically organized.


Fashion design is like drawing: you simply can’t excel right away. You have to patiently and diligently practice designing to formulate your logical brain and have ideas on forms and colors. In that process, your technical skills will also improve over time. Sometimes, the maturation of your outfits over time determines the professionality of your work. Every idea is more or less imaginative, but they won’t be realized until you put pen to paper. If one day, a peculiar, abstract or unconventional idea should come to you, don’t hold back. In the beginning, my drawing skills were a bit clumsy to the point that I wouldn’t be satisfied with anything. The more I was dissatisfied, the more I drew. I used anything I could; once I ran out of watercolor I switched to using nail polish (funny isn’t it).


From my observations, many students abroad have the habit of bringing their sketchbooks everywhere. This would be convenient to sketch out your ideas whenever they occur. We can design anywhere. There are many students who create alluring designs birthed from accidents that fashion universities take a liking to. The passion for fashion thus becomes ingrained in our everyday lives. Your diligence will bring results you never expected. When you are starting out, be free to create without self restraint!


If you have a passion for fashion and intend to pursue it in the long run, have you ever thought about joining fashion clubs or events? For me, this is an extremely realistic approach that will bring meaningful experiences. Aside from being up to date in the fashion scene, having real life experience in the industry or field will be foundational for getting yourself familiar. Learning and taking action have their clear differences: watching a runway show on YouTube is not the same as organizing a show yourself. You will learn invaluable things about the inner workings and BTS of the show and have a deeper understanding of your immediate responsibilities.


Without the LaMode organization in high school, there will definitely be no today. LaMode brought me both joy and sadness, but most importantly the fashion experience at a high school level. Even if it was laborious, I got to do photoshoots, conduct training, yearly fashion shows and take part in a clothing management team from another brand.

Otherwise, you can reach out to fashion assistants in high school. My friend did this and she gained so much. Nowadays, I have a personal assistant and she also has the intention of pursuing fashion. I always lend her a helping hand and create opportunities for her to learn more about fashion.

And you? Have you planned to study fashion yet? Hope the above information will be useful to everyone. Just be patient enough, surely everyone can do it! Please share with me more ways to learn fashion for beginners!

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