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In life, everyone has dreams and each person’s journey is different. But we all depart from the same starting point: the indication of our personal passion. There are people who recognize this from an early age, but there are countless who nevertheless need to experience the trials and tribulations through time, putting effort to find their answers.

In our perspective, fashion is a world full of energy, creativity and a multitude of colors. The illuminating lights of runway stages grand and small are sometimes what pulls us towards the allure of this world. Perhaps, it is time for us to divert that attention and admiration to ourselves. Are you really passionate about this field, or are you simply interested in it? Today, I will show you the signs of knowing whether you truly are into fashion. I recognize that this is what many others struggle with.

(Below are simply suggestions based on my personal views and experiences. If possible, please share your own with me and others!)

1. You can’t stop thinking about fashion.

This does not mean that you think about it 24/7. Just at a certain point in time, it is something that occurs frequently in your mind. It is very difficult for you to stop thinking about it because it is like a reflex to you. At this point, the images that frequent your mind are: you drawing fashion designs, the catwalk moments on the runway, a fashion brand,... Sometimes those are random thoughts but they come and go in ways that you start to notice might be an indication of something more.

Indigo exhibition by @_hafthu_ | @_thefashionstation_

2. A happy, comfortable feeling when you peer into the world of fashion.

Have you ever felt that your mind experiences something akin to catharsis or emotional release when you seek out anything fashion related? Before, whenever I have time or even when I’m sad, I would watch fashion reality shows or fashion design shows like Next in Fashion (Netflix), Project Runway or variations of Next Top Model, The Face…. Recently, the movie Cruella is also impressive to avid fashion enjoyers. When I come across pictures that help open up the fashion world as a mode of relaxation, I feel extremely happy. All of those images on how this world operates stir a deep feeling of curiosity in me, I want to know more, see more, and it will never truly be enough. Because of this, the positive drive for my soul is boundless and limitless.


3. Always include fashion in your long term goals.

Not only do you constantly think about it, you often put yourself in a vision of experiencing all of it in the future. For example, when you think about a renowned fashion brand, have you ever asked yourself: how am I going to achieve that? When will my designs one day be met with such praise? What would it be like to collaborate with skilled models or professional creative directors?... Any one of us has the right to dream big for ourselves and our community at large. At some point, if you always think of fashion as a long-term goal or an achievement to strive for, there is a high chance that you are genuinely passionate about it!

4. Having the executive power and ambition to be in touch with the reality of fashion.

We cannot think of long term goals and simply leave it at that, the real actions that you do are the key to getting closer to your passions. For example, if you love fashion design, perhaps you would get to work by practicing drawing, finding clubs, fashion events to join to broaden your horizons… Each person has their own way of taking action, but the important thing is we have to properly find ways to experience it firsthand even if it’s the smallest of things. Sometimes, we will take action as an instinct, without delay or hesitation. That process if so naturally occurs will put you in a position of comfort because it is what we truly care about.

5. Constantly finding ways to maintain your knowledge of fashion.

There are experiences that come and go. If you do not figure out how to retain your knowledge, you will most likely stay in the same spot. Especially, when it comes to fashion, the trends and styles always update each day, or even each hour. This is not to overwhelm you, but for you to understand that fashion is ever changing and robust. Maybe we won’t follow those trends, but even if you’re into fashion design or fashion marketing, we always need a certain source of information on the market. Maintaining your fashion knowledge sometimes is simply watching fashion shows, doing more projects, researching in more depth, training your skills in sketchbook work, digital design, creating brand reports or sewing… Finding intriguing books on fashion is also a bonus to nourishing my passion. To love, to like is easy but to maintain is an entire process.

IMAGE: C.Dam Studio

6. Spending the majority of your time on this field and regarding it as a necessity in your life.

To me, passion is when you feel you can spend as much time on it as possible. That it is what you can do every day with repetition but without boredom. Have you ever asked yourself, if one day it disappears from your life, would you feel empty? Are you truly happy when you forgo those habits? Before, skipping a day of drawing will make me anxious and jittery. Nowadays, 80-90% of my time in the day is allocated to fashion-related work. There are people who can spend hours watching videos on fashion, fashion films or read news on certain fashion figures and icons. Everyone has their own way of spending time, but if you feel that it’s your main activity, you are truly passionate about it!

IMAGE: @the.peterdo

7. Feeling like you truly believe in yourself and in the people who aid you.

This feeling does not occur in everyone, nor does it occur frequently because the majority of us has experienced self-consciousness and insecurity before. But have you ever wondered to yourself, why should you be self-conscious about your work and still pursue it, still desire to improve it? That is because deep down, we still nourish our trust in ourselves - the confidence in our subconscious. When we love something and wish to pursue it in the long run, we will have the tendency to put faith in prospective opportunities and fruitful results that will follow our future. That is one of our drives. When we have negative feelings or obstructions in our pursuit of inspiration, or fatigue when the sewing machine breaks, we may not recognize this drive.

I am not making assumptions about things that are uncertain in the future, but I always have faith in the connection I have with fashion. I have faith in the relationships that I already have, the knowledge, or the aid that others gave me. My boss, for example, is a genuinely kind person. He guides me through the fashion way of thinking, the holistic and constructive way of thinking and shaping the form. I believe that if we truly put our mind into it and know how to receive the help of others, our expectations of fashion will eventually be true.

8. Think about the community benefits that we can contribute when pursuing fashion.

One of the further steps in determining our passion for fashion is the thought we have for our community, of what we can do to give back. To those who pursue fashion, there may be times when you ask yourself what value you can create in this world that is full of existing art. When each designer, each brand brings a splash of their own color, what do you need to make your own? Have you ever pondered what message you would communicate through the language of fashion? Or to simply understand, you think of your own destiny in the fashion career.

IMAGE: Hello, Digital!

There are designers who dedicate themselves to Sustainable Fashion because they want to protect the environment. Others dedicate traditional garments and clothing to preserve cultures. To know what we stand for takes time. But, if you are thinking far beyond the aesthetic values and of your role in society as a fashion student, then you are already passionate about fashion itself! Not only in fashion design, no matter which field you work in you will have your ways of contributing back to society. I developed The Fashion Alley as a means of bringing together the community of prospective fashion students, especially beginners. I know that sometimes we will go through the same challenges but we have no one to go through them with.

lMAGE: Kilomet109

9. You often connect with those who also share the love for art and fashion.

This is something that I have noticed through my own personal experience and with the people around me. They often say, people with the same “frequency” will attract each other. You will find it easy to share your interests with these people, maybe you have found your fashion communities through clubs, classes or blogs such as this one… I used to have a keen interest in fashion photography and would conduct photoshoots that needed creative assistance so I consulted photographers and models that I connected with through social media. I also follow LCDF alumni after attending a graduation show. A part of it was out of admiration, but I also wanted to learn and keep up to date with information in this major. My friends are similar, that’s why it is smooth sailing for us to discuss and share our problems, what is happening in fashion at the moment or our current learning environment.

10. Understand the challenges of a fashion career but will still pursue it to the end.

In the learning process, there are challenges that will put many people in a quitting position. I once read that, behind the illuminating lights of the word “fashion”, each day is a psychological battle in the minds of every designer. It’s true, in order to create products for many people, they will spend hours upon hours, years upon years to complete every single detail on an outfit. It is truly their blood, sweat and tears. The biggest challenge that they face is maintaining their own stamina and patience, which is why I have a great admiration for those of experienced designers. My teacher, Ms. May Cortazzi, has over 20 years of fashion marketing and fashion design experience, but she always radiates a seemingly infinite amount of energy and inspiration.

We are still young, there are many things that we cannot truly understand because we haven’t experienced it yet. But when you can foresee the trials and tribulations, are you sure you want to continue on this path? Are you truly ready to sacrifice your free time and your sleep to master your work in this field? After all, if you know of those challenges and still think of fashion as a world of joy and dreams, then I am certain that you are passionate and capable of achieving those dreams.

To recognize in oneself the passion for fashion, each person will exhibit certain traits and you do not need all 10 of them to validate your passion! Sometimes it takes only 2-3 traits, but if your feelings are strong enough then you already have your answer. In conclusion, we know ourselves the most, so good luck on your journey and I wish you success!

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