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The fashion industry is always something attractive, the industry is growing rapidly in the world. So, how can we update new news and fashion trends in the best way, even if not in the industry or have never been through any schools, classes? The main answer is fashion websites - extremely rich sources of documents for you to learn. Let's go through a few useful websites for fashion learning!


1. Business of Fashion (BOF)

Since 2007

BoF - Business of Fashion is a fashion specialist website that provides knowledge from the creative and commercial aspects of fashion to events large and small around the world that have an impact on the apparel industry. The biggest strength of the website is the information about the fashion business shared by investors and prestigious international brands.


In addition to articles that update knowledge and daily news, BoF also has livestreams between leaders and experts in the field, or podcasts sharing stories or perspectives on fashion in a new way. However, to be able to update all information about technology, beauty, marketing, or educational content and advice on branding, marketing strategies, customer psychology...then you need to pay an annual membership fee.

At the present moment, BoF is considered a top tier fashion website and has a worldwide impact.


SInce 1988

WGSN is one of the leading names in the field of fashion trend prediction. To be able to make accurate predictions in terms of themes, styles, colors and materials, global experts have done extensive research combined with the use of data science software.


Events ranging from socio-cultural to political around the world that influence fashion, or inspiration, daily ideas are curated by experts and put on the web that play an important role for designers. in the process of brainstorming ideas and themes for future collections.

WGSN is also a website that predicts trends in other fields besides fashion such as: furniture, health & beauty, food, entertainment, travel, lifestyle…


Trend Senses is a website that forecasts trends in the upcoming seasons, focusing mainly on consumer behavior, sustainable fashion, design, furniture, lifestyle, materials and colors. The biggest advantage of the website is the rich and high-quality stock of images that you can freely refer to and find ideas for yourself.


In addition to the official website, Trend Senses also focuses on investing in two platforms, Pinterest and Instagram. Therefore, you can fully view and select attractive images even without accessing the website.



Considered the "Fashion Bible," Vogue is probably a household name, whether you're new to fashion or are in the industry for a long time. Vogue not only develops in the magazine segment, with the participation of many top stars such as Blackpink, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, etc. on the monthly cover, but also invests in the website. The website updates news every day around the topics of fashion, beauty, culture, life,... In addition, Vogue also updates news related to fashion events, platforms. annual big runways in the world like Fashion Week, Met Gala,...

Despite being nearly 130 years old, Vogue is still a leading name, still a voice that has a profound influence on current fashion trends.



Since 2009

For those who work in the fashion industry, perhaps textures are considered an element of embellishment for clothes to make them more unique and eye-catching. Therefore, Patternity was created with the aim of bringing new ideas about Textile (surface treatment), materials and colors. The website not only updates inspirational images, but also shares information related to psychology, the connection of textures to nature and people. Moreover, the way to combine colors and materials is also conveyed through each article. In addition, the website also has a separate section for you to buy the texture images that you are impressed with.


Since 2012


In The Frow was founded by a famous Fashion Blogger - Victoria Magrath, owner of the book "The New Fashion Rules". The website gathers articles related to fashion, lifestyle, beauty and useful advice on social issues. The highlight of the website is that all information is easy to read and relevant to our daily life.


In addition to the website, In The Frow also has its own Youtube channel (Inthefrow) sharing tips from everyday outfits for going out or going to work to gorgeous outfits for luxurious parties. The Youtube channel and website are also the places where Magrath shares her daily life with readers and fans. To this day, the site remains one of the most influential fashion blogs in the UK.

I hope that this article will be of some help to those of you who are passionate and want to pursue fashion. Is there any website you know that can help in self-study fashion? Share it with us now!

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