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PHAM QUANG THANG | Patience is Key

If someone were to ask me who I admired the most, I would not hesitate to say “Thang”. The personification of carefulness and patience, Thang is the type of person to start the entire item over if the stitch line was crooked. He would be extremely thorough and detailed in every single project he works on. Having helped each other since the early school days, I am aware of his struggles in pursuing Fashion as a career with his family. Perhaps that was the reason Thang joined my university at the same time as me despite being older. I’ve always admired him for his fashion illustrations. In the future, I am eager to collaborate with Thang in opening up an illustration workshop on my blog. Other than that, he is well-versed in textile processing techniques, especially with traditional materials.

“Creativity is never easy, if you depend on a magical moment of inspiration then I think you should change this mindset and start the process of researching your own. Don’t worry, for there is no right or wrong in life when it comes to creativity. Sometimes I still ask myself: is the fashion career path a wise decision? I have yet to obtain fundamental knowledge and experience in the field. I had self-doubt that I wouldn’t have the energy, that I would always be on some level of incompetence and I would be behind others, never reaching the top rung of the ladder. After so many nights of staying up for assignments, I thought about what my teachers had asked me once: “Have you ever wanted to give up?”

I think that once I have committed to something then I will commit to it until the very end, and that I will never even think of giving up on it unless it gives up on me. Knowing that, I pushed all my trepidations aside and continued my work. No one is perfect in life. Therefore, we must try to stay confident in ourselves and be proud of the accomplishments we’ve made and allow ourselves to rest when necessary. More importantly, we need to learn our strengths and foster them.

In all of my projects, I always want to highlight my strengths. I am fond of outfits that require attention to the textile surface. Despite not being the expert, that is the result of nights of trial and error, sewing, and bringing the pieces together… I have always wanted to include different mediums such as lacquer, oil paint, sculpture painting in my ideas, because I want my designs to withstand the passage of time like my culture’s art. Do not hesitate and ask yourself if you can do it, but start doing it.

In my White Shirt Project, part of my design includes embroidery. It was a challenge because it was the first time I’ve ever done anything like it. To produce a satisfactory outcome to my project, I have extensively researched techniques on various websites, experimenting countlessly to see which fabric would bring the most aesthetically appealing results. Everything was truly exhausting and tedious. Trust me, don’t be afraid of failure, just try new things, even if it was never your strength. Who knows that when you try it, it may become a new strength of yours? If someone is naturally inclined to be good at something, they may be competent in a day. For me, 2, 3 or many more days will be required to reach that level of competence. As long as you don’t give up on your passions and interests, soldier on and keep doing what you like and don’t worry about others’ judgement. Because, patience is the key to your success.

Pham Quang Thang - freshman at LCDF - Hanoi

Student awarded with Distinction for the assignment “WHITE SHIRT PROJECT” with the final model displayed in the university lobby.

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